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Don’t see your size coil wing nut or other concrete accessory?

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Coil Wing Nuts are equipped with coil thread and are available in 1/2″ through 1-1/2″ diameters. These can be used for any application requiring quick removal and application of a nut. Coil wing nuts are frequently used in heavy concrete forming applications with coil she bolts and coil taper ties.

  • Cast in Ductile Steel
  • Heavy Duty Durability
  • Quick Tightening and Release
  • High Strength


Concrete Accessories - Coil Wing Nuts by Tengco, Inc.

Coil Wing Nuts

Size Box Qty Lbs/M Tengco P/N
1/2″-6 65 640.23 CNX126-P
3/4″-4-1/2 50 969.9 CNX34412-P
1″- 3-1/2 25 1,056.6 CNX1312-P
1-1/4″- 3-1/2 30 1,508.1 CNX114312-P
1-1/2″- 3-1/2 25 2,898.2 CNX112312-P

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