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Hillside Washer - Tengco Castings

Standard Hillside Washer

Cast Grey Iron



Finish Box Qty Compression Strength in Lbs* Lbs/M Tengco P/N


Plain 350 7,400 244.00 SWH38-P


Plain 125 13,500 328.94 SWH12-P


Plain 100 21,500 426.05 SWH58-P
3/4 Plain 75 32,000 451.09


7/8 Plain 50 44,000 828.29


1″ Plain 30 58,000 1,242.40


1-1/8 – 1-1/4 Plain 15 92,000 3,084.20



*Per ASTM F-541

Hillside Washer - Flanged - Tengco Castings

Hillside Washer Flanged**

Patented Cast Ductile Iron

Sizes Finish Box Qty Lbs/M Tengco P/N Import
1/2-5/8 Hot Dip Galv 40 1,169.5 SWH1258.1-H
1/2-5/8 Grey Paint 40 1,169.5 SWH1258.1-GP
1/2-5/8 Red Paint 40 1,169.5 SWH1258.1-RP
3/4-7/8 Hot Dip Galv 40 1,267.8 SWH3478.1-H
3/4-7/8 Grey Paint 40 1,267.8 SWH3478.1-GP
3/4-7/8 Red Paint 40 1,267.8 SWH3478.1-RP
1″-1-1/8″ Hot Dip Galv 25 1,752.4 SWH1118.1-H
1″-1-1/8″ Grey Paint 25 1,752.4 SWH1118.1-GP
1″-1-1/8″ Red Paint 25 1,752.4 SWH1118.1-RP
1″-1-1/4″ Hot Dip Galv 20 2,420.0 SWH114.1H
1″-1-1/4″ Grey Paint 20 2,420.0 SWH114.1GP
1″-1-1/4″ Red Paint 20 2,420.0 SWH114.1RP
1″-1-1/2″ Red Paint 20 2,900.0 SWH112.1-RP



Tengco’s Flanged Hillside Washers have been tested & approved by R. Ralph Sinno, PH.D.; Professional Engineer & Professor of Civil Engineering at Mississippi State University. Dr. Sinno concluded from the testing that ordinary standard Flat Washers can be used in the application, in lieu of any special washers recommended to be necessary with other product lines. Documents for these metal fasteners will be supplied upon request.
Steel Buildings - Metal Hardware by Tengco, Inc.

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Welded Eye Bolts

Size Box Qty Lbs/M Tengco P/N
1/2-13 x 9 75 627.9 EBE129.6-C
5/8-11 X 9 40 1076 EBE589.6-C
3/4-10 x 9 25 1707 EBE349.6-C
7/8-9 x 9 15 2552 EBE789.6-C

Hot Forged Turn Buckle - Tengco Forgings

Forged Turnbuckles

Plain C1035 Steel ASTM F1145-92

Size Min Break Strength Lbs/M Tengco P/N
1/2-13 x 12″ 11,000 1,036 STB1212-P
5/8-11 x 12″ 17,500 1,697 STB5812-P
3/4-10 x 12″ 26,000 2,336 STB3412-P
7/8-9 x 12″ 36,000 5,070 STB7812-P
1-8 x 12″ 50,000 3,108 STB112-P
1-1/8-7 x 12″ 57,500 6,834 STB11812-P
1-1/4-7 x 12″ 76,000 6,834 STB11412-P

Brace Grips - Tengco Steel Building Hardware & Fasteners

Brace Grips

Galvanized per ASTM A475-98

Size Length Color Load Lbs Box Qty Lbs/M Tengco P/N
1/4 19″ Yellow 6,650 125 374 SBG1419-G
3/8 28″ Orange 15,400 50 390 SBG3828-G
1/2 37″ Blue 26,900 15 2,860 SBG1237-G


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