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Private Labeling

Tengco’s packaging professionals can provide provide custom packaging or affix your private label to allow you to get your product into the market quickly.

Tengco can provide your product in “ready to sell” condition, “dock to stock”, or we can drop ship directly to your customers saving you time and money.  In addition, Tengco can supply barcode labeling that is compatible with all major systems.

Please contact Tengco to discuss your needs regarding:

Bar Coding



Custom Kits



Logo and Name Stamping Directly on Parts


Custom Packaging with Artwork


Drop Shipping Directly to Customer


Custom Packaging and Private Labeling for Manufacturing | Tengco, Inc.

Custom Packaging

Tengco can deliver customized packaging solutions that will enhance your existing brand or customize it to focus on specific markets.  Tengco offers custom packaging production including artwork, custom boxes or bags and labeling.

Tengco can also provide packaging assembling from kits to a complex array of metal components. We compile your loose or bulk packaged goods (such as an assortment of parts), and we will put them into finished kits that are ready for use by your customers.

"We will work with you to provide a plan that is tailor made for your product, industry, and market focus."


How Can Tengco Help You?

Tengco is a hardware distributor that provides global sourcing solutions for custom manufacturing.  We provide world class global sourcing, service and distribution.

Tengco is the perfect solution to your global sourcing needs.  We can provide anything from standard nuts and bolts to specialty fasteners, castings, forgings and stampings.

We have been working with our customers for over 35 years to develop custom metal components for a wide variety of industries and applications and can provide custom packaging and private labeling for every item.

Tengco is ISO 9001:2015 Certified through our midwest distribution center and the combination of our experienced engineering team, logistics team, customer service representatives and sales staff can help your organization maintain the highest standards for your custom parts.

Tengco supplies customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Asia and we can’t wait to speak to you about how we can help your organization.

Tengco Can Enhance Your Brand

Our private labeling and customized packaging solutions will enhance your existing brand.

Contact us at 714-676-8200 to find out how.