Custom Pole Line and Crossarm Brace Hardware

Custom pole line hardware on a communications pole

Tengco provides durable, high-quality pole line hardware for the utilities industry. We have hundreds of products that can be manufactured to meet any specification, including IEEE C135.1-1999. With production facilities around the world, Tengco is positioned to be an ideal global partner. Use our warehouses in the United States to store your products until you need them. This ensures you never run out and can order in bulk for higher profit margins.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll supply it. We specialize in custom utilities industry hardware and can supply virtually any specially formed or assembled metal part. From global sourcing to product development, fabrication, inventory tracking, warehousing, and shipping, we ensure that your crossarm brace and pole line hardware meets your exact specifications.

Tengco is your custom manufacturing solution for a wide variety of hardware for utility pole lines:

  • Special-formed castings, forgings and stampings
  • Assembled parts
  • Heavy and regular square nuts
  • Forged oval eye nuts
  • Split lock washers
  • Hooks and brackets
  • and more!

Some of Our Most Popular Utility Industry Hardware 

Crossarm brace and pole line hardware can be subjected to environmental elements that cause near-constant vibrations. Tengco can provide the quality, performance, and price you require for your crossarm brace hardware. We tool parts to your specifications for an exact match. Our expert engineers work on-site to oversee manufacturing. Below we have highlighted a few of some our items:

Square nuts are recommended to attach crossarms, brackets, or other types of supports to utility poles due to their large surface area increasing torque distribution, ensuring better resistance to tightening or loosening. The larger surface area also offers more space for the wrench grip, reducing the chances of nut stripping. Our product line includes heavy square nuts sizes ranging from 1-1/4 - 7 to 9/16-12 while our regular square nuts sizes range from 1/2-13 - HDG to 7/8-9 R - HDG.

Forged oval eye nuts are a staple for pole line hardware because they offer secure attachment points. They are made from corrosion-resistant material able to withstand high-strength materials such as stainless steel. The loop design of forged oval eye nuts allows for even load distribution, reducing the stress on attached hardware. Made from HDG coated steel, they are versatile and available in different sizes ranging from 3/4-10 to 5/8-11. 

MF locknuts provide reliable locking thanks to a built-inresistance mechanism. As the nut is turned once contacting the mating part, the parabolic shape flattens against the surface generating an upward force against the mating threads that prevents the nut from unthreading, locking the two parts in place. MF locknuts are versatile and can be used by square or hex nuts. 

Curved square washers are specifically designed to work with square head bolts or screws. The curve helps evenly distribute weight on a curved surface making them ideal for pole line hardware with cylindrical shapes. 

Split lock washers provide an effective, practical, and straightforward solution to reduce nut movements in high winds and extreme weather.

The spiral design allows spring force to be exerted on the fastener, increasing friction and restricting motion, making it vibration resistant. Split lock washers from Tengco are cost-effective and compatible with a wide range of pole line hardware, making them an ideal solution for existing and new utility infrastructure. 

Finished hex nuts have multiple surfaces offering better grip wretch support which improves the torque and limits clearance need for tightening or loosening, making installation and removal easier. The straightforward and easy-to-use design makes these part compatible with various applications including high strength capacity situations. Our finished hex nuts are available in multiple sizes, materials, finishes, and thread designs, ensuring versatility across the utilities industry.

Tengco manufactures other custom pole line hardware, including:

  • Anchor shackle assembly: Used in fastening chains or hooks to anchor units. The design makes them ideal for lifting heavy loads. 
  • Ball clevis assembly: The ball-and-socket design makes this pole line hardware ideal for connecting insulator strings and suspension hardware in the utilities industry. 
  • Cast roller: Great for manufacturing parts like conveyor systems and other pulley-centric systems.
  • Clamp strap: Commonly used in metal work and construction, the clamp strap holds components securely together.

We also manufacture other crossarm brace hardware, including:

  • Bent bolt: Our custom bent bolts are made from ductile iron so you can use them in a U-shaped mechanical coupler at a specific angle, accommodating various design requirements.
  • Polegain mounting bracket: Primarily used in the utility industry to secure various pole lines hardware components, such as crossarms, insulators, or conductor clamps.

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