Lag Screws

Heavy duty hexagonal lag screws, also known as lag bolts, are frequently used for directly fastening into wood. These lag screws are commonly used with pole line utilities, retaining walls, deck frames and outdoor play equipment where there are heavier load requirements than most wood screws can support.

Lag screws are easy to use and powerful fasteners. The lag screw requires on pilot hole before use which the "lag" portion of the screw will brace against. Created for hardwood applications, our lag screw is made with a strong design shear, making it cam-out resistant and capable of penetrating load bearing or dense wood. Tengco's has a variety of lag screws available. These include lag screws that are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

In addition to stainless steel the lag screw comes in brass, aluminum, and hot dip galvanised steel. Tengco can also supply a lag screw in a variety of head styles, lengths, and widths.

The penta head lag screw is a loss prevention screw for use on utility vaults or pole top transformers. Created for use with dense lumber, our penta head lag screw is made with a strong design and sharp points for easy penetration in your application. The penta head lag screw comes in stainless steel, but can be custom manufactured in all kinds of materials & plating finishes. Tengco can also supply a lag screw in a variety of diameters & lengths. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate material and specifications for your loss prevention needs. 

Don't see your item? Don't see your size? We will custom manufacture lag screws to your exact specifications.

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