Coil Bolts

Coil bolts are manufactured with a fast threading, self-cleaning coil thread, and are available in numerous sizes and styles, as listed below. Coil bolts are used with different types of coil thread nuts and inserts in concrete formwork, forming, or precast concrete applications.

Finished hex coil bolts are manufactured by cold heading or hot forging using Gr.2 steel plain. Coil threaded bolts work perfectly with concrete forming systems. Finished hex coil bolts are designed for ease of use and durability. Coil bolts have fast acting coil threads for easy and speedy on/off Applications.  Self-cleaning threads allow for multiple uses.

Bolts are made from Gr.2 but can be custom manufactured in Gr.5 or stainless steel. 

Available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1” diameters up to 6” in length;  Can be custom made with zinc plating or hot dip galvanized

Don't see your item? Don't see your size? We will custom manufacture coil bolts to your exact specifications.

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