Coil Wing Nuts

The coil wing nut is a staple in the concrete accessory industry. Tailored for applications demanding the swift removal and application of nuts, this specialized nut is equipped with coil thread, making it an ideal choice for various construction scenarios. Primarily employed in heavy concrete forming applications alongside coil she bolts and coil taper ties, coil wing nuts play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the concrete pouring process.

Coil wing nuts are important due to the ease of rapid installation and removal. This is particularly crucial in construction scenarios involving the creation of concrete forms. The ability to swiftly install and remove the hardware is vital during the concrete pouring phase, where time is often of the essence. The coil wing nut facilitates this requirement through its design, characterized by very coarse threads and two fins on each side. These features not only enhance the speed of application but also provide an ergonomic and efficient grip, allowing for quick and easy tightening and release.

Tengco can custom manufacture a coil wing nut to meet your exact needs. Tengco is currently stocking coil wing nuts in 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameters for immediate distribution.

  • Cast in ductile steel
  • Heavy duty durability
  • Quick tightening and release
  • High strength

Don't see your size? We will custom manufacture coil wing nuts to your exact specifications.

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