Custom OEM Hardware - Assemblies, Castings, Forgings, and Stampings

OEM custom metal parts at an assembly plant

Tengco can supply virtually any unique formed or assembled metal part you require. Companies around the world rely on Tengco to provide custom oem hardware assemblies, castings, forgings, and stampings, as well as machined hardware for numerous applications. We provide services for every step of the custom manufacturing process. From global sourcing to product development, fabrication, inventory tracking, and shipping, we ensure your order meets your exact specifications. 

Our global network of manufacturers and distribution points ensures flexible scheduling and the best options for shipping. We have facilities in the US to store your product after shipping so that you never run out and have the correct amount of material to keep your production line flowing. Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures that the highest quality standards are met at all factories, international distribution centers, and domestic distribution centers. We work hard to ensure a consistent, dependable product that exceeds expectations.

Tengco is your custom manufacturing solution for:

  • Hardware assemblies
  • Machined hardware
  • Castings
  • Forgings
  • Stampings
  • Fasteners
  • Screws, nuts, and bolts
  • and more!

Popular OEM Hardware We Can Custom Make For You

Tengco provides the quality, performance, and price that customers require for their OEM custom parts. We tool parts to your specifications for an exact match. Below we have highlighted a few of some our items:

The clevis spring plug is a fastening device with a cylindrical plug, clevis pin, and spring ideal for providing a secure connection between two components. The 3-part system is easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time during maintenance and repairs. A clevis spring plug’s design is vibration-resistant, significantly reducing accidental disconnections between moving parts. This makes the plug ideal for the auto industry, industrial machinery, and other sectors where OEM equipment is subject to constant motion.

Bar pivots allow for rotational connection between two or more parts. They are often cylindrical to reduce friction between the moving parts. The design offers load distribution and machine balance, increasing the durability of equipment components. Bar pivots are used in industrial machines to facilitate movement in conveyor systems in assembly lines. Such custom OEM parts are also valuable for the construction industry to facilitate movement in machinery with hydraulic cylinders such as crane arms. 

A bleeder valve or bleeder screw is a simple solution to improving the performance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as brake and cooling systems. A bleeder screw helps release trapped air from the system resulting in better pressure and responsiveness control. 

Our custom OEM parts can quickly and precisely be manufactured according to your specifications. 

Contact us to learn about price and lead time.

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