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Tengco specializes in heavy-duty forgings and castings for the automotive hardware industry. Tengco has over 35 years of experience providing sophisticated custom cold-headed bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and various custom truck hardware. We can supply virtually any custom-formed metal part required.

Our reputation for manufacturing excellent custom truck hardware stems from our ability to provide all levels of PPAP documentation. We create and provide detailed information and guidelines in completing custom manufacturing of parts like truck automotive fasteners. Our PPAP documentation and approval process ensures a consistent, dependable product that exceeds expectations. Through our partnerships with international vendors and our PPAP documentation, we supply reliable and repeated mass production of parts. 

Tengco provides the quality, performance, and price for the best truck hardware. We offer comprehensive services for every step of the custom manufacturing process. From global sourcing to product development, fabrication, inventory tracking, warehousing, and shipping, we ensure your order meets your precise specifications. Our line of custom truck hardware includes an extensive range of fasteners and hardware.

No matter what type of automotive work a company specializes in, we can provide the essential truck automotive fasteners and hardware needed to stay competitive. Tengco's experienced inventory management team ensures that you maximize your turns and get the right parts on time every time. Our global network of manufacturers and distribution points provides flexible scheduling and the best options for shipping.

A Few Examples Of Our Custom Truck Hardware

Automotive hardware are specialized components used in the construction and manufacture of vehicles. Our custom truck hardware allows for manufacturing cars that meet specific requirements such as your customer's needs, performance, and safety. 

We specialize in working with you to get a unique design without compromising functionality and efficiency. Such advantages give you a competitive edge by catering to your clientele's specific needs. 

Hex Head Machine Screws (Sems): Our Sems are hex mechanism screws with a pre-attached washer, eliminating the need to handle separate parts. By handling fewer parts, you reduce time, cost, and the risk of human error. Additionally, the integrated lock-wash restricts vibrations, allowing for a better fit. 

Our Hex Head Machine Screws come in a variety of sizes and styles, guaranteeing you will find an ideal fit for you. 

Automotive Hardware: We supply a broad range of truck hardware, such as screws, bolts, washers, clips, pins and more. Our quality parts ensure the structural integrity of various systems that work for the efficiency and safety of trucks. 

By mass-producing custom parts, you ensure competitive pricing, your production line will run more efficiently and you are sure to never run out of parts. 

Tow Hitch Hardware: We can supply any heavy-duty castings or forgings for the auto industry, such as tow hitch hardware, the metal attachment to the chassis used for pulling or towing. We work with trusted and experienced international suppliers to ensure that the truck tow hitch hardware is secure and fits perfectly, ensuring added safety and efficiency during towing. 

Don't see your item? Don't see your size? We will custom-manufacture truck and automotive hardware to your exact specifications.

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