Tow Hitch Hardware

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Tengco understands the needs of the tow hitch and trailer hitch industry. We can supply virtually any heavy-duty casting and forging required for the automotive tow hitch industry. Trailer hitch hardware includes components like hitch balls, mounts, adapters, and connectors essential for secure and efficient towing operations. We have extensive experience working with customers to help develop custom-manufactured parts for the metal tow bar, trailer, and tractor hitch industry.

Tengco can provide the quality, performance, and price customers require for their tow hitch hardware and automotive fasteners. Our product development approval process ensures a consistent, dependable product that exceeds expectations for your vehicles. Tengco's selection of trailer hitches and hitch accessories are high-quality products designed for heavy use, from trailer hitch balls to trailer hitch mounts and adapters.

We provide services for every step of the custom manufacturing process. From global sourcing to product development, fabrication, inventory tracking, warehousing, and shipping, we ensure your order meets your precise specifications. Our global network of manufacturers and distribution points provides flexible scheduling and the best options for shipping for your tow bars, trailer hitches, and more.

Explore Trailer Hitch Hardware

Our trailer hitch hardware allows for a custom fit to tow boats, mobile homes, agricultural equipment trailers, and any other custom application. By working with us, you can expect custom parts to your specific needs and requirements, allowing for proper assembly.. Our quality parts increase the efficiency of heavy-duty towing under demanding conditions. Our rigorous quality control further ensures consistency in every towing exercise. 

Adaptors: Adapters are the connecting interface between the vehicle hitch and the trailer hitch. Our adaptors facilitate compatibility between different sizes of hitch connections. They can alter the height of the link, ensuring a leveled and safe towing. This trailer hitch hardware is easy to use and connects to various vehicles and trailers, making it a cost-effective solution. You do not need a separate towing vehicle or additional equipment. 

Ball Mount Shaft: This reliable connection point joins the hitch receiver and the hitch ball. The simple setup makes it easy to hitch and unhitch, reducing time and the need for professional installation. Our ball mount shafts allow for height adjustment ensuring level towing. Our offerings come in multiple designs and sizes to accommodate your specific needs and trailer type. We only work with the best overseas tow hitch hardware supplies to guarantee superior quality and high load capacity. 

Connector Terminal: This terminal allows for connection between the electrical systems of the trailer and the vehicle. This connection facilitates functionalities like trailer lighting and electrical braking. This simple trailer hitch hardware is an excellent and safe way to secure electrical transmission and communication between the trailer and truck. 

Don't see your item below? Don't see your size? We will custom-manufacture tow hitch hardware to your exact specifications.

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