Flanged Hillside Washers

Flanged hillside washers are essential to evenly distribute the load in cross-bracing applications. Cable assemblies with welded eye bolts or threaded rods support the steel beams and wall columns of metal buildings. They are designed to allow for easy fastening at different angles, enabling quick installation and simple adjustments in the field.

Flanged hillside washers accommodate angled and non-parallel surface connections securely and efficiently. Many of our flanged hillside washers have a beveled or angled edge on one side and a flat surface with a flange, or projecting disc, on the other. The flanged design helps accommodate the weight and evenly distributes the load on the web and rod, eliminating the need for a welded plate, resulting in better structural integrity. This curved side of the custom flanged hillside washers from Tengco allows for the tightening of nuts at various angles to reduce installation and adjustment time. In addition, the beveled design helps reduce vibrations, preventing the loosening of nuts over time.

As a hillside washer supplier, Tengco can provide a custom fit to ensure stability and durability to your metal building application. Contact us to learn more.

flanged hillside washers dimensions chart

Flanged Hillside Washer Technical Data

Tengco’s patented flanged hillside washers have been tested and approved by a professor of civil engineering from Mississippi State University. Testing documentation is available on request.

Parts are manufactured from ductile iron and offered in four finishings: plain, red primer, grey primer, and hot-dipped galvanized.

Sizes include 1/2-5/8, 3/4-7/8, 1-1-1/8, 1-1/4 and 1-1/2.

Don't see your size? We will custom manufacture flanged hillside washers to your exact specifications.

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